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Broadband Internet


We provide internet connectivity to homes, businesses and schools.


This comes in many forms including fiber, copper, wireless, and quantum entanglement, often using a combination the above.


Our pricing model is usually disruptive - we believe in giving you more bandwidth for less money than the competition, for maximum value.


We are unique because we combine many technologies to obtain the ideal solution, balancing short and long term needs with the growing needs of our customers.

Customized Solutions


Like a tailored suit, we take the time to get to understand the needs of each and every customer.  In doing so, we can design a custom solution that works best for you.


Please contact us for a free consultation - we are happy to answer your questions.  Even if we aren't the right solution provider, we probably can help steer you towards someone who is.

Virtual Private Networking


A VPN is a managed secure link between two or more locations or devices.  Securing your data is more important than ever.


Leveraging broadband networks to create private, secure networks can enable you to connect your offices together, or even connect to a secure data center where your servers can be better protected.


When combining these services with our Broadband Internet Product, we can save you money by leveraging the same network resouces for both needs. 

Passionately Talented


We love getting our customers connected!


Our team of experts are not just networking wizards - we are well rounded passionate Information Technology gurus.  We bring together a team of talent that balances customer focus with a wide range of IT skills, from network engineering to software engineering, to information security to infrastructure to complex project management. 


We grew up in the Puget Sound area, and we love serving the local region that we call home.

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