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 Hello Madison Tower!

The wait is over...

TalusLink welcomes

Madison Tower Residents

We are excited to offer premiere internet to the residents of Madison Tower!

You may have heard from your neighbors talking about that "new internet". 


It's here, and it's the real deal. 

This is how internet should be:

Fast Reliable Affordable


Plans & Pricing
100 x 100

100 megabits per second up and down! This is what everyone is talking about.   Up to 5x faster than cable and 20x faster than DSL. Easily stream 4K HD video while uploading gigabyte files in seconds.  

250 x 250

Have you ever seen a plan from the Cable TV Guys that can upload your photos and videos at 250 megabits per second?  This is a great plan for the power user who doesn't want to compromise.

Need voice?

Need an analog (VOIP) "land line" like phone?  $10 month gets you one with us.  This includes tax!

1g x 1g

This plan is not yet available because most PCs and most websites cannot operate at this speed, but we know that in the near future, some super power users will want this plan. If this is the plan you want, let us know, we are listening!

How it works
  • Direct connection - we install an Ethernet port in your condo.  No modems!  This is the real deal.  The building is connected via redundant fiber optic and state of the art microwave wireless links.

  • Fast upload speed - Cable and DSL provide abysmal upload speeds.  Our upload speeds are as fast as the download. This means your cloud backups upload in minutes, not days.

  • Seattle SIX connected - 9.9 out of 10 geeks love this:  We connect directly into the Seattle SIX - where Microsoft's and Amazon's cloud, Google/YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Akamai, and 80% of the internet traffic links up DIRECTLY- less than 1 milliseconds away! This bypasses the Cable company's and Century Link's backbone and any congestion.  The result is the best possible internet experience in Seattle.

How we roll
  • No contracts - Cancel at any time - suspend your service (going away for a month on vacation?) Our service is billed in one month increments.

  • No setup fees - we are happy to get you set up for free.  Use your own Wi-Fi router or rent to own one from us.  


  • Test drive for free - try our service for a week if you like.  If you aren't convinced, you can disconnect without any obligation.

  • No hassles - we aim to please.  We work around your schedule to install - you don't even have to be home - just arrange for a key to be available through building management.

  • No Risk - what do you have to lose, except that slow internet?



Jason in Belltown says ... "I work from home and since switching from Wave, web pages load before I even finish clicking the mouse. There is no more lag in my VoIP phone calls, or WebEx connections.  In the evening I stream movies and love that they start in a couple of seconds instead of up to a minute.  TalusLink is awesome and I’m totally spoiled!!!”

Your neighbors are talking...

Katie in Belltown says ... "We have been very happy with our new internet service.  Edward encountered some wiring challenges during the set up in our unit but he worked relentlessly to solve the problem.   We have noticed considerable improvement of internet speed with the new service.  Good bye Century Link!

Steve in 404 says ... "The connection has been 100% dependable and very fast – particularly for uploading and backing up my files.  I’m so glad to be waving bye-bye to the cable guys!

Andrea in Queen Anne says ... "I previously had internet with the cable company which was “just ok” (when it wasn’t down) – now it’s awesomely fast.  Such a major improvement, and my bill is lower.  What’s not to like?

Schedule an install today!

Thank You - We will be in touch right away!

Or just send us an email: - we will quickly respond to you to get you connected or answer all your questions.  Let us know your unit# and when is the best time to install TalusLink internet into your home! 

Fast Reliable Affordable

Privacy Note: We will never sell or distribute any of your contact info ever. Period.

© 2021 TalusLink LLC

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